Are You Using Instagram Stories?: 3 Reasons Why Instagram Stories Are A Must!

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By now, everyone knows that Instagram is extremely popular as a business and advertising tool. Millions and millions of people are on it, posting is easy and users have shown time and time again that they are willing to interact. While posting still works very well, you simply are not getting enough out of the platform if Instagram Stories are being ignored. This part of Instagram, which is basically their take on Snapchat, is essential. Here are three reasons why Instagram Stories are a must.

They Drive Traffic To Your Site Swipe Up Instagram Arshad Madhani

As of June 2018 over 400 million people use Instagram Stories on a daily basis. Chances are, that number will be growing soon. With all these eyeballs, the opportunity for traffic is there. Obtaining traffic is easier than ever, and Instagram Stories makes it easy to drive that traffic to other sites.

If a business or individual has over 10K followers, they are given the opportunity to use the swipe up feature. This feature basically allows viewers to literally swipe up from to the Story to learn more by going to a website. This is where advertisers link to what they are selling.

Even if under 10K followers, a call to action can still be put in a story. Something along the lines of a “click link in bio” message (where the brand or advertiser change the link in their bio) , a poll, or a question with a reply option, can go a long way towards getting extra growth.

It Gives Your Brand a Voice

Consumers are always going to feel more connected to a business if they can put a face and voice to everything. Instagram Stories is a great way to do just that. Small business owners can really showcase their passion for what they do in a fun and unique way. Since these are not official posts that will last forever, a lot of people end up being sillier and show off their fun side at times to be more personable.

Strictly talking business, Instagram Stories can build authority on a topic as well. It is one thing to sell a product, but providing interesting and informative tidbits can go a long way towards building trust as well.

Simply put, there are still a lot of people who have trust issues with companies they find on the Internet. They are always going to be scammers out there. Providing engagement and adding a voice to the brand can really go a long way towards building credibility. Instagram Stories makes this extremely easy to do, even for people who have never tackled something like this before. It is much easier to learn how to use, and much less informal, than something like YouTube.

You Can Use It as a Paid Advertising Channel

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Advertisers are always looking for new avenues to reach consumers. One of the best ways to do that right now is to go through Instagram Stories. This is beneficial for business owners who might be looking to partner with advertisers, or to run their own advertisements.

Those who have a decent following can make some money by running advertisements on their personal accounts. However, most people reading this are probably looking at the possibility of running an advertising campaign through Instagram Stories for their business. The setup process is very similar to creating a Facebook ad, and each person has the option to refine things by audience, budget, and target market.

Since Instagram Stories are unique, most advertisers are going to find that they will need to make some adjustments even to existing campaigns on other platforms. It is definitely worth exploring though, because users are trained to interact with Instagram Stories when they pop up. Having a call to action and the ability to grab attention can pay off in a big way.

There is always concerned about getting swiped through when it comes to advertising on Instagram Stories, but those new to advertising on that platform should try a few different options at first to see what works best. It is all about grabbing attention early on to keep the audience around.

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