Entrepreneurial Inspirations: 5 Up and Coming Businesses to Watch

What are the up and coming companies you should be checking out?

Being an entrepreneur is an inherently stressful job, and sometimes you might find yourself needing a dose of inspiration just to get up in the morning. Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal and happens to even experienced entrepreneurs. When I need a little extra inspiration, I look for exciting startups to research and follow because seeing somebody else succeed is likely to drive you to do the same.

I recently discovered five up-and-coming businesses that I’m eager to follow moving forward, and I’m eager to share these entrepreneurial inspirations with you!

1. Hypr

Are you interested in influencer marketing but aren’t sure how to find the right fit for your brand? Hypr is a new platform that analyzes target audience behavioral patterns based on the influencers they follow, allowing businesses to see who might be the best to partner with at a glance.

This is an exciting company because it offers a unique way to approach influencer marketing. It takes most of the independent research out of the equation, allowing businesses to make an optimal decision in a fraction of the time it might otherwise take. In fact, your company may benefit from using this company as well as following it!

2. Front

Front offers a service that makes it easier for teams to effectively communicate and collaborate. For example, let’s say a given business uses e-mail to handle interoffice communication. If you have a Front is a shared inbox for your team.question for accounting, you need to decide if you should send an e-mail to the department head or their secretary. The time it takes you to make a decision is wasted, especially since you may not be familiar enough with how accounting functions to choose the correct person.

By contrast, Front allows you to create an inbox for the entire accounting department. Everybody there can automatically see your note and refer your question to whoever is best qualified to handle it, streamlining the collaborative process!

3. Classy

Classy is a crowdfunding platform dedicated exclusively to helping worthy nonprofits raise the money they need to do some good in the world. Younger philanthropists expect a technological component in their giving, including the ability to give online and promote charitable events on social media. Classy provides the platform nonprofits need to engage with this modern audience.

The best evidence that the world needs Classy is how successful it has been. They now employ over 220 people and work with brand name charities such as National Geographic, making them a success story that anyone can learn from!

4. WickrWickr is a great app for security and privacy.

Wickr provides enhanced security options to existing digital communication channels, helping to address the cyberattacks that have become a considerable threat in today’s globalized world. Nearly every organization in the world could benefit from their service, giving the company almost limitless growth potential!

5. Lemonade

Finally, Lemonade is an insurance app that allows customers to purchase homeowner’s and renter’s insurance just like every other insurance company out there. The difference lies in their business model, where a flat fee is deducted from every monthly premium for the company’s bottom line instead of having one big fund that pays claims out and calls the rest profit.

This removes the company’s incentive to drag their feet in paying claims, helping customers collect in a timely manner. Any excess premium payments are also donated to charity through Lemonade’s Giveback program, giving customers the peace of mind of knowing that unused premiums are going toward a worthy cause!

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