Marketing Reporting Tools: A Good Investment or a Waste of Funds?

Marketing reporting tools are effective, but are they right for you?

Large companies have access to a variety of tools to help them analyze the performance of their marketing efforts at a glance, and these marketing reporting tools are becoming increasingly accessible to small business owners as well. However, just because you can get them doesn’t mean that they’re worth the cost to you. This article will help you decide whether you can benefit from marketing reporting tools or if it’s not worth the money at this stage of your business.

Streamlining Your Services

One of the principle benefits of marketing reporting tools is their ability to automate reports in any Streamlining your services can free up time to focus your energies elsewhere.format you wish. Most options offer an array of bar graphs, pie charts, data tables, and other formatting options to display nearly anything you could want to look at. This makes it much easier to quickly find anything you need to know in a hurry. Some also let you adjust the positioning of different charts based on who is accessing them, allowing each department to see what is most relevant to them. This makes marketing reporting tools great for helping your team discover where they are performing well and which areas could use a little bit more work.

If you plan to share reports with clients, marketing reporting tools can also be a great way to show them a lot of information quickly and efficiently. If you opt for this, know that you need a tool that can depict everything you are doing. All tools are not created equal, so make sure any that you are considering offer the functionality you need. Otherwise, you’re just selling yourself short.

No Replacement For Communication

That said, you need to maintain a healthy line of communication between you, your team, and your Communication should never go neglected.clients even if marketing tools are handling most of the legwork. Tools can’t answer questions in real time, nor does the hard data they depict always take relevant external factors into consideration. These factors still demand a personal touch.

Talking with your client is also vital to establishing a personal relationship with them, making it more likely that they will refer you to friends or use you again themselves. Ensure that you are available to provide input on every report you send out so that you provide value above and beyond what your tool can do.

Bundle It Up

One of the best ways to discover if marketing reporting tools are for you is to try them as part of a bundle package with a service you need anyway. For example, many tool providers also offer email marketing platforms, CRM, or an SEO suite of services to compliment their tools. This can be a low risk way to sample what these tools have to offer without taking a substantial risk by committing to a major purchase.

A Solution That Works For YouFind the marketing reporting solution that works best for you and stick to it.

Everybody has unique needs, meaning that there is no clear cut answer whether or not marketing reporting tools are “worth” it. Some companies might benefit from compiling reports themselves, ensuring that the owner knows all of the numbers that they are working with everyday. Others may have so much to do that using a tool to make things easier just makes sense. The only way to know for sure is to try one or more options to see how they work for you!

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