Why Every (And I Do Mean Every) Business Should Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics Arshad Madhani

Google Analytics is one of the most effective analytics tools available to business owners today. More than just a data collection program, Analytics tells you what aspects of your marketing campaign are bringing in the highest amount of traffic, where visitors are coming from, how they interact with your site when they visit, and what factors convert visitors into followers, subscribers, and customers. All this information and more are essential if you want a campaign that resonates with your target demographic and if you want an online presence that meets the needs of existing and potential customers. Here are some reasons why every business need to be using Google Analytics.

A Powerful Free Tool

Many things that work well are worth a lot of money, but Google Analytics is not one of them. In fact, Analytics is probably one of the top performing analytics tools that is totally free to use. The zero price tag is its biggest draw because you won’t lose anything by trying it out. By using it, however, you stand to gain a treasure trove of data that could be the key to the success of your next marketing campaign.

Understanding Bounce Rate

Google Analytics Arshad MadhaniBounce rate is the percentage of visitors that leave after viewing a single page on your site, without triggering any other request on the Analytics server during the entire visit. These are often the visitors who decide that there’s nothing engaging in your site that is worth a closer look. A high bounce rate is not necessarily bad, especially if all the information potential customers need is in one single page. However, if the success of your site depends on visitors checking other pages out, such as the Products and Services page, Checkout, and the like, then you need to ensure that they find the initial page interesting enough for them to take the next step.

Google Analytics helps you understand why certain pages are not drawing the attention of potential customers. This way, you can tweak the underperforming pages to strengthen the overall ability of your site to drive conversions. For example, you can modify content to better fit the marketing style or streamline navigation to make it easier for visitors to follow the path you want them to take.

Discover Your Demographics

An in-depth knowledge of your target audience is crucial if you want to give visitors an engaging online experience. Analytics helps you do this by gathering target audience information such as geographical information, ages, genders, devices used, and even interests. This data is essential in crafting a targeted, streamlined marketing campaign that resonates with your audience. For example, you may learn that a huge chunk of your traffic comes from mobile users, but it is also this segment that is displaying a high bounce rate. Optimizing your mobile app and investing in a mobile-driven campaign can help you solve this problem.

Goal Tracking

Analytics also has a great evaluation platform that is built into the program. It allows you to track short and long-term goals so you can check if target sign up numbers or conversions are being met. Routine evaluation is important since you want to solve problems as soon as they arise. If sales and lead generation goals are not being met, Analytics will show you where the problem lies so you can take steps to solve it without sacrificing future conversions.

Success in business comes from making the right decisions and for that you need the right tools. With its zero price tag, ease of use, and its ability to produce the information needed to craft effective marketing campaigns, Google Analytics is hands down one of the best tools that can help you take your business to the next level.

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